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Payment For Services

All of The Option Services are provided for an Administrative Fee.

  • Payment for Listing Services will be due on request of listing support via form submission.

  • Payment for contract to close services is due within 48 hours of invoicing.

  • Agents will keep a card on file in the client portal of OTC for billing purposes.

Indemnification & Hold Harmless

The Client agrees herby to indemnify and hold harmless The Option from any and all claims which may arise out of and in the course of the performance of The Option duties. The Option, its subcontractors, or any affiliated parties shall not be held liable for errors including but not limited to typographical, email, publishing, print, and copy/paste. Client assumes responsibility for all information relayed regarding clients, property, tax information, property descriptions, written and assumed and will be ultimately to review all content for accuracy. Let it be known that The Option Transaction Coordinators are licensed, however will not perform any duties requiring licensure in any state, including but not limited to negotiations, legal communication, and any other function under law and reserves the right to refuse performance of any duties deemed questionable, illegal, or otherwise unethical.

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